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<p class="mt15">Located in highly convenient metropolitan areas neighborhoods of Tokyo. Urban locations that support your individual lifestyle as you work, live, and play.</p>
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<p>Located adjacent to the ever-developing Toranomon Hills, this is a unique area in the city center where a quiet and lush cityscape remains. Shiba Park and Zojoji Temple with trees spreading their branches. Hotels and embassies built on the spacious grounds of the former samurai residences. One step out of the entrance you can feel the continual change of the four seasons.</p>
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<dt>Nearest Station</dt>
<li>4 minutes walk to Onarimon Station<br>
(Mita Subway Line)</li>
<li>5 minutes walk to Kamiyacho Station<br>
(Hibiya Subway Line)</li>
<li>10 minutes walk to Toranomon Station<br>
(Ginza Subway Line)</li>
<li>7 minutes walk to Toranomon Hills Station<br>
(Hibiya Subway Line)</li>
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Location Postal Code105-0002
2-3-1, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station 4 minutes walk to Onarimon Station(Mita Subway Line)
5 minutes walk to Kamiyacho Station(Hibiya Subway Line)
10 minutes walk to Toranomon Station(Ginza Subway Line)
7 minutes walk to Toranomon Hills Station(Hibiya Subway Line)